5 Ways to Quickly Solve WordPress Gist Embedding Error

Wordpress Gist Embedding

In this article I review the 5 ways I have used to solve the wordpress gist embedding error.

Recently, I have started to transfer my articles from Medium to my personal website. As my articles contains Github Gists, I first tried to embed github gists into my WordPress 6 blog. But ironically, I found out that WordPress contains gist embedding error.

The screenshot of wordpress gist embedding error
The screenshot of wordpress gist embedding error

1- Use Gist Embedding Plugins

Therefore, I have first tried to use third-party addons to fix the problem. I have tried all the addons that advertises themselves as having the gist embedding feature. But, the ones I have tried did not worked either.

  • Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks – CoBlock
    • [Failed to embed Github Gist]

2- Embed Gist into HTML

Then, I have tried to embed the Github Gist by embedding it into the html using html script. With this one, the article editor preview of the HTML successfully showed the gist. But, when I published the article, it failed to display the gist.

5 Ways to Quickly Solve Wordpress Gist Embedding Error Wordpress Gist Embedding,Wordpress Gist Embedding Error
Embed Gist into HTML

2- Use Gist Alternatives to Embed Source Code

The third solution I have come up with was to embed source code using other third-party websites rather than using Github Gists. I have tried pastebin, reply.it and some other ones but none of them worked.

4- Use Elementor Source Code Highlighting Feature

The forth solution was to try to use Elementor. Even though Elementor solution works, it requires premium account. Apart from the Premium Elementor lisance cost, Elementor is a huge addon. As I would rather not to use big addons in my simple blog, I have skipped this solution.

5- Use Third-Party Source Code Highlighting Addons

Lastly, I started to search third party source code highlighting addons. Then, I have found source code highlighting addons that worked well, even though not as perfect as Github Gists. I will stick to use code highlighting addons until the problems with WordPress gist embedding get resolved.

Here you can find a set of alternative third party source code highlighting addons available for wordpress.

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