Valuable Programmer Soft Skills

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Becoming a better programmer requires not just technical skills but also soft skills. Here in this article, I share the valuable programmer soft skills I have come across when researching.


  • He always rights easy-to-understand code.
  • He never says, “it’s bug-free.”
  • He uses a convention for naming variables, functions, and classes and respects it throughout the project.
  • From what “beyond” he goes from the assigned task (when the time available allows it): a great programmer must be able to see the whole and ask himself questions that no one told him to ask.
  • He doesn’t say “Ah yes yes!” when you talk to him about new technology, pretending to know it. Being cool is useless.
  • He knows how to get by. Every five minutes, the neighbor at his desk doesn’t bother asking him how an X function works or how a Y function works.


  • When faced with a very hard problem, a great programmer will respond by rejoicing in finding something that is challenging for him or her and mentally preparing for triumph.
    • The willingness in one’s spirit to keep trying against odds or past experiences is the key to do anything meaningful.


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