The Effect of Caffeine on Your Effectiveness

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Caffeine is a great mood amplifier. But it also creates an indispensable addiction. Therefore, it is serious to be aware of the implications of caffeine.

There is no doubt that some of us can be more efficient by consuming moderate amounts of caffeine. But take care. Caffeine also puts a strange “jitter” on your focus. Too much of it can send your focus off in very strange directions. A really strong caffeine buzz can cause you to waste an entire day hyper-focusing on all the wrong things.

Robert C. Martin

When we observe the effect of caffeine in our health over long periods of time, we realise that essentially we borrow our future energy for instantaneous energy increase. While caffeine makes us more productive in the following 4 to 6 hours, it also results in a tremendous productivity drop for the rest of the day. Also, the more we use caffeine, the lesser its magical effects lift our productivity.

The Effect of Caffeine on Your Effectiveness Effect of Caffeine,Caffein on Effectiveness
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The cost of taking caffeine is not only the drop in productivity on the day of consumption. Also, it creates a craving effect in the following days, which also damages productivity. Therefore, from the perspective of effectiveness and result-oriented view, it is better to keep ourselves away from caffeine for long-term success rather than short-term sparkles.

What does Nikola Tesla say about caffeine?

Long ago I suffered from heart trouble until I discovered that it was due to the innocent cup of coffee I consumed every morning. I discontinued at once, tho I confess it was not an easy task. In this way I checked and bridled other habits and passions and have not only preserved my life but derived an immense amount of satisfaction from what most men would consider privation and sacrifice.”

…coffee, tea,These delicious beverages superexcite and gradually exhaust the fine fibers of the brain.”

My Inventions, by Nikola Tesla

Towards the end

The Effect of Caffeine on Your Effectiveness Effect of Caffeine,Caffein on Effectiveness
Photo by Patrick Rosenkranz on Unsplash

While caffeine results in higher productivity in the short term, as we get into the hyper-focus state, we fail to think at the level of detail we should be thinking.

While it may feel strange in the first couple of months of leaving caffeine, it definitely results in higher effectiveness, as you can protect your overall energy throughout the day. If that’s not the case for you, then you should probably focus on your vitamins or other parts of your health as opposed to heading towards caffeine for its effectiveness.

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