How Machine Learning Feels in Early 2020s

There is no much fun in machine learning projects ,it still have a very very long way to go . to be mature and useful in real business requirement .there are ready platform like azure ML or amazon or google, even you use tensorflow or keras build the model and evaluate , the accuracy pretty much is depends on the data you have , and there is really no much fun from changing the parameters to fit best in a ML algorithm (i don’t find it fun in learning any of KNN, decision tree ,random forest, SVM, regression ,DNN etc ) with frameworks ,all you need to do is pass in the data, train the model and plug api to consume the model .every api call is either doing prediction some value or group into which categories . but this is not “learning” . [1]

[1] After 12 years of coding all i have learned | by LORY | Medium

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