One to One Meeting With Software Engineering Manager

[1] Basics of One to One Meetings?

These meetings can involve going through feedback for projects, sharing ideas, and sometimes just catching up.

One to One Meeting With Software Engineering Manager one to one meeting
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How to run an effective One-on-One meeting?

1. Plan and structure properly

Predetermine the kind of questions you should be asking at the meeting. Create an agenda of questions to lead the conversation.

Example questions:

  • How is Project X progressing?
  • How can we make working on projects easier?
  • How can I strengthen my communication pattern?

Example topics:

  • Career goals
    • The direction of the career.
    • What can be enhanced?
    • How can we collaborate on career goals?
  • Business-related topics.
  • Personal conversations to get to know each other.
  • Development workflow
    • Workload problems
    • Questions related to active tasks
    • Area of responsibility
    • Level of complexity
  • Team
    • Team progress

2. Don’t cancel, but reschedule one-on-ones

3. Keep it short (but not too short)

5. Take notes


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[2] How to start?

Deepen Focus with the 3Ps

The 3P model is a framework for choosing what to focus on in a coaching
conversation—for deciding which aspect of a challenge might be at the
heart of a difficulty that the person is working through. A challenge might
typically be centred on a project, a person or a pattern of behaviour.

Putting the 3Ps to Use

“What’s on your mind?” you ask.

  • “The [insert name of thing they’re working on],” they say.

“So there are three different facets of that we could look at,” you offer.

  • “The project side—any challenge around the actual content. “
  • “The people side —any issues with team members/colleagues/other departments/bosses/customers/clients.”
  • “And patterns—if there’s a way that you’re getting in your own way, and not showing up in the best possible way. Where should we start?”

[2] The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More By Michael Bungay Stainer

One to One Meetings

One to One Meeting With Software Engineering Manager one to one meeting

Topics to discuss:

  • Responsibilities of the direct report in his domain.
  • States of the resources the direct report manage.
  • Progress of the projects.
  • Performance

Additional topics to discuss:

  • Events happened since the last meeting
  • Organizational problems
  • Plans for the future
  • Possible future problems

Important Points

  • The manager should try to become a better coach and problem solver. By asking more question, the manager should try to find the not mentioned critical problems.
  • Both manager and direct report should have a copy of the topics to be discussed.
  • Writing helps to focus and digest the critical points.
  • When the manager take notes, it is easy to keep track of the problems in the following one-on-ones.
  • When the direct report take notes, it symbolizes the direct report will take actions until next meeting.
  • Low priority topics should be taken into backlog, reviewed and discussed in the following meeetings.

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