How to Become a Better Learner ?

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Have you ever felt like you are stuck when you are learning something new? I have.

Here is the list of things that have helped me overcome the obstacles I have faced with. I hope this will help you as well.

1- Have a goal

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First and foremost, you can’t just start doing something without thinking about the arrival point. Therefore, it is better to think about future possibilities and have a good plan.

I don’t mean spending hours making plans but you have to have some kind of goal on your way through your success. Without a goal, you will wander around and waste quite your precious time.

2- Have a toolbox

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You can’t just start a war without weapons and other pieces of equipment you need right? Likewise, you need to gather all the tools that can save you time in the context of personal education.

For the start, ASoftMurmur can be a great choice. It washes all the background voices away and transforms almost every environment into a good place to study.

Another example would be the list-taking applications like Microsoft Todo might help you reduce the cognitive load of the things you need to do.

3- Be Patient

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When I study, I really love to explore every detail of the topic. But when I do so, I almost always myself lost in a rabbit hole that leads to nowhere but wasting all my time. Over time, I realized that I almost spend 99% of my time on very few details and did not get a chance to learn the whole topic.

“Time is one of your greatest asset you have.”

You should always remember that no one has an unlimited amount of time. So being aware of time matters.

  • Don’t try to learn everything you find.

Just because you can learn a lot of details about a topic doesn’t mean you should learn them all at once. Give yourself time to digest all the things you have learned. Repeat the things you’ve learned so that you can learn the topics permanently.

4- Diversify

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Here, I would like to introduce you to a method that I call “Harmony”.

Harmony is an essential way of learning a lot of things step by step at once.

  • It saves your time.
  • Lowers cognitive loads.

The odds are you’ve tried to study tons of things at once and a few days later you realize that you remember nothing?

  • Then it is time to change things.

When you feel stuck on a topic then immediately start to study another topic or lesson.

  • It gives your brainpower to work on the problems you have faced even when you are not studying that topic.

Even though you’re now studying another topic or even not studying at all, your brain does its job so well that if you come back to the same topic later on you will find out that you’ve become far better.

So just give your brain time to digest all the info you got.

5- Always search for new techniques and tools to improve your studies

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Every single day another application is being developed. Some of these apps are invaluable. Use these apps to save your time.

The more automate things you do repeatly the more sophisticated learner you become.

6- Just learning school subjects doesn’t mean you use your time effectively

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We are living in the information era. Learning just school subjects and being a good student is not enough to have a successful career.

  • Be willing to learn different things.
  • You can start by learning topics like Financial Literacy.

Financial Literacy

You should know that you are ultimately gonna need to have money, even though you are not willing to work for money. You’re eventually gonna need it.

If you don’t want to work for money and want to make money work for you I encourage you to be financially literate yourself otherwise you’re gonna spend the rest of your life paying your debts.


7- KISS Principle

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KISS — Keep It Simple, Stupid (or Keep It, Super Simple).

  • Don’t try to make things complicated.

It is a very simple principle but you can’t imagine how much time you could save just by applying this principle.

8- “Don’t just wait for inspiration. Become it.”

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Don’t wait for the right time because It’ll never come unless you’re willing to.

9- Be Willing To Sacrifice

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“Nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices.”

Don’t be selfish all the time. It doesn’t make sense to just get all the rewards by yourself, share them, and even make people take all the rewards.

  • Don’t chase rewords and know that if you do the right things, the rewards will eventually chase you. Share your knowledge, take your time to learn with others, and share with them.

“It’s never actually been about the rewards. It’s only and always been about seeing how far you can go. About achieving the impossible.”

10- Read Read Read!

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I don’t know you but I am not a genius and I just can’t figure out everything by myself in my limited lifetime.

Reading gives you the ability to use the experiences of other people. With the help of accumulated experiences, you can achieve impossible things that you can’t even imagine.

11- Multi-Tasking is your biggest enemy

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As science accepts, multi-tasking kills all the productivity of the things you’re doing

  • Don’t try to do a lot of things at once unless you’re willing to lower the efficiency.

12- Lower your cognitive load.

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Don’t try to make thousands of little decisions every day such as which music should you listen to or which color clothes should you wear today.

  • Don’t waste much of your consciousness making little decisions all the time.
  • Just keep it simple and try not to think about it much.

Use your consciousness to make better decisions and learn new things.

13- Try Different Environments

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Changing your study environment could potentially have an enormous impact on your efficiency.

Don’t isolate yourself and measure your efficiency in different places.

14- Physical exercise and Your Health is Matter

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We all have some bad times or have stressed time.

If you can not focus on studying just don’t.

Know that Physical state change can change you a lot.

  • Go to work out or even do at home like me 🙂

Make sure you are getting all the vitamins and proteins you need every single day. If you try this for some period of time you’re gonna realize that now you have more memory capacity and low stress.

15- Overcome Your Fears

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Last but not least don’t try to be perfect or be afraid of not getting the results you wanted.

Just do what you can do and then let it go.

Make sure you couldn’t be able to do anything more than you currently have done. From this point on, even if you fail at least you have tried.

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are.”

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