Diet For Productivity

Clear your mind

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Diet For Productivity Diet For Productivity
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As life hackers, we all want to be productive. The solution may just as simple as a diet for productivity. While searching for these non-work-related personal improvements, I have tried lots of different areas, but I found the diet-related ones as one of the most effective ones.

The Problem

My search for a diet for productivity started after I observed the low productivity in the first hour after having a meal.

The problem was that as an average person, I had 3 meals per day. This means I had felt 3 hours of my day a bit less productive. Also, the level of productivity decrease was dynamic according to what I eat.

After years of procrastination about researching the optimal diet, I have finally decided to deep dive into this topic and see what I can do about it.

Too Detailed Diets

The reason I have not been able to achieve any good diet program is that they are too detailed. I don’t have any cognitive power left over for my diet program. I can’t keep track of the calories, the proteins, etc. It is just too time-wasting. Whenever I started a ‘healthy diet’ it results in me wasting more time than I am trying to save.

Improve your productivity

Mediterranean Diet

Then I have come across a diet pyramid.

Diet For Productivity Diet For Productivity
The Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid by MindBodyGreen

The great thing about this pyramid schemed diet is that it is simple and works.

My Diet

My implementation of the Mediterranean diet is based on these simple facts.

  • At least half of the meal is based on vegetables.
  • The least amount of animal fat in meals.
  • No bread, rice, etc.

The only thing I obsessively check is the amount of animal fat I take in my meals. Because as it has been proved, animal fats increase the blood fat rate for about 6 hours. This means there will be less circulation of blood which leads to less sharp thinking in the following 6 hours of any meal.


Its been a month since I started the ‘LTS’ version of my special implementation of the Mediterranean diet. The biggest improvement I get is that the amount of sluggishness after the meal is like nothing when I compare it with my old diets. I am much more energetic and stable in different senses throughout the day.

After I started having vegetable-heavy diet, I started to realize that I do not need to eat 3 times a day. Interestingly, I don’t find myself hungry for long periods as I have learned that vegetable digestion takes much longer.

By using this simple diet, I have reduced my meal count as well as reduced my heavy mood after having a meal. All in all, on average I have managed to increase my high productive hours per day by about an hour. Also, since I get more things done with my clean mind with the help of my diet, I also find myself having an abundance of free time to myself.

Last Words

Diet For Productivity Diet For Productivity
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I think of a vegetable-based diet as the trade between pleasure and productivity. The more you let go of the pleasure of your life, the more time you get.

If you really want more time, you need to give up your taste of life starting with the tasty foods. Start eating as much vegetable-based as possible while also reducing animal fats to under 5% in your meals and see the magical results.

Also, you cant imagine how much cash you save while being healthy, productive, and having more time.

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