Computer Science Talks With Sam

Field:Computer Science
Expertise:Freelance PCB Design
Software Development Manager
Software Developer
Contract Software Engineer
Years of Experience30
HighlightsRequirement change is less costly in software than hardware.
First language Fortran.
Low levels make us better understand computers.
Age does not productivity in Software.
Prefers Microsoft Family Tools, Programming Languages
Person Details

Q: How Do You Use Programming Languages?

Sam uses programming languages as a tool. Language switch something normal. He started with Fortran in high school back in 1970s. He has used all kinds of languages over the 30 years of professional software development.

He thinks the programming language of choice changes as the requirements change. Even just before retirement, he had a mobile application project where he used Swift for IOS development. He also used lots of JS frameworks lately.

Q: Should we start from easy or hard path?

Details: Is starting with Python programming or Low-level programming languages better?

He thinks both choices result in different career paths and there is a need for both.

Sam thinks using low-level programming languages, memory constraints, and no garbage collection environment, as well as the use of assembly language directly commanding over the CPU make us better understand the background of the computer systems.

He joins my opinion about low-level programming benefits. We get better control of all the decisions we make in the software we develop.

Q: Deciding on First Programming Language

Back in old days, there were few languages. Most often people started with C and C++. These days, it is hard to decide on the first programming language as there are huge number of programming languages.

Q: Age Factor In Software Development

Sam haven’t felt much productivity drop with age.

Q: Why Software Design Over PCB Design?

One of the top reason Sam transitioned to Software Design from PCB Design is that PCB design was costly and the constant requirements change made it hard to work with it as a freelancer.

Q: What part of Software Development attracts you most?

For Sam, the most appealing part of software development is its problem-solving part.

Q: Programming Language of Choice

Sam like C# even though the C# is kind of new in compared to others, he likes to call himself as C# developer.

He has chosen the C# as it has high value in Microsoft family of products.

Q: Why value Microsoft’s family of tools over other software products?

Most business environments are based on Microsoft, specifically Windows desktops. Therefore, it is easy to get a job and future proof as it is so widely used.