FAT File System

Ultimate Guide

One problem with the standard documents is that they are too formal. Because of the formality, some of the simple concepts may be hard to grasp at the first glance.

Here in this article series, we aim to understand the fat file system thoroughly parts.

Table of Contents

Part 1: FAT Mechanisms

  • Chapter 1: Allocation Mechanisms
  • Chapter 2: Search Mechanisms
  • Chapter 3: Deletion Mechanisms

Part 2: FAT Data Structures

  • Chapter 4: Low-Level Data Structures
  • Chapter 5: File & Directory Data Structures
  • Chapter 6: Cluster Structures

Part 3: FAT Architecture

  • Chapter 7: Architectural Review
  • Chapter 8: Architectural Improvements

Part 4: FAT Forensics

  • Chapter 9: Directory Recovery
  • Chapter 10: File Recovery

Part 5: FAT Case Studies

  • Chapter 11: FAT in Windows
  • Chapter 12: FAT in Linux

Part 6: Extensions

  • Chapter 13: History of FAT
  • Chapter 14: FAT Standard

1- FAT Mechanisms

Allocation Mechanisms

FAT File Allocation

FAT Directory Entry Allocation

FAT Cluster Allocation

Search Mechanisms

FAT File Search

FAT Root Cluster Search

FAT Directory Entry Search

Deletion Mechanisms

FAT File Deletion

FAT Directory Entry Deletion

2- FAT Data Structures

FAT Low-Level Data Structures

FAT Disk Layout

FAT File Allocation Table

FAT Boot Sector

FAT Bios Parameter Block

FAT Fsinfo

FAT File & Directory Data Structures

FAT Directories

FAT Long Name Directory Entry Allocation

FAT Long Name Directory Entry Search

FAT Long Name Entry Deletion

FAT Long Directory Entries

FAT Cluster Structures

FAT Cluster Chains

FAT Data Cluster

FAT Directory Cluster

3- FAT Architecture

FAT Architectural Review

FAT Portability Review

FAT Performance Review

FAT Monitorability Review

FAT Scalability Review

FAT Maintainability Review

FAT Architectural Improvements

Increasing FAT Reliability

Increasing FAT Performance

Increasing FAT Scalability

4- FAT Forensics

FAT Directory Recovery

Deleted Directory Search

FAT File Recovery

Deleted File Search

FAT History